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For all inquiries, please email

Donations can be made directly to us through PayPal:

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Tax-deductible donations can be made through 501 Commons' GiveBIG event. You can also donate to Autism Compassion Africa, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Seattle and ABA's Senegal fiscal sponsor.

We would love for each ABA Senegal therapist to have the opportunity to receive entry-level behavior technician training within the first 6 months of their employment. This training is offered online in the French language for $200 per student. You can support this goal by using the Paypal button above, or by visiting our GoFundMe page which includes detailed information on the training and recipients.

*Donations received will be pooled together to help fund tasks outlined in the Project Timeline page, such as purchasing therapy materials, toys, and educational supplies. Donations will also be used for program fees and transportation for outings and activities with our students, as well as for outreach events and training. Donations will NOT be used towards staff compensation unless directly specified to us by the donor. 

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We now have an Amazon wishlist! Click here

Shipping address: 1019 23rd. St., Port Townsend, WA 98368  USA

Our current needs:

High priority:

  • Children's books in French, all levels - We have a great need for this

  • Children's books in English, all levels

  • Fun toys for kids! Examples: Movie action figures, sensory toys like putty slime, squishy balls, and slinkies, building toys, action toys that spin, light up, or move. Most of our kiddos are very young (3-4 years old), so toys within this age group would be best.

  • "Advanced toys": Puzzles, board games and other turn-taking games (great for building social skills), pretend play toys such as toy people, food, or animals.

  • We would love some LEGOs!

  • Large items like easels, a white board, stationary bicycle, sensory tent, mats or foam shapes, yoga balls, a swing, etc


  • Basic office supplies (particularly post-its, laminator sheets, index cards, and binders).

  • Art supplies (particularly construction paper, poster board, beads and string, popsicle sticks, sequins and glitter, and fat crayola markers)

  • We currently have a good backstock of basic office supplies thanks to Develop Africa's efforts last year (thanks a million!), though more would never hurt.

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF SENEGAL AND WANT TO DONATE VIA OR OUTSIDE OUR WISHLIST, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR HOW TO GET YOUR MATERIALS TO DAKAR. We will have you ship your items to a specific U.S. address. This address changes depending on who is coming to Dakar next.

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Though we are not currently taking volunteers for specific positions (We do not have a center yet!), we are open to inquiries. Here are some things we might need help with in the future:

  • HIGH PRIORITY: English -> French translation! 

  • Researching funding and grant opportunities

  • Website maintenance

  • Blog writing and social media management

  • Office tasks (esp. English)

Once our center is running:

  • Classroom (group time) help: social skills training, athletic activities, music, art projects. Think day summer camp.

  • Aid during outings & field trips

  • Child care (before & after programs)

  • Brochure and flyer-making

  • Making therapy materials (lots of printing photos, cutting, and laminating)

  • Aid during outreach and training events

- Interested in therapy or school services for your child?

Contact us at or fill out our services application form here.

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