Therapy Packages

Update September, 2019: Unfortunately, our home and school services are now full. To be added to our waitlist, please email

We currently have 1 space left within our therapy room in Mamelles.


Our therapies can be conducted across two environments and within two intensity levels


In-home therapy  consists of 10-30 hours per week of PRT as needed. For long-term therapy, interventionists will be visiting the home each day to conduct sessions. Parent training in ABA and PRT techniques is built into this package. Full, comprehensive home packages may depend upon clinician availability (to transition to center treatment at a later date).


Comprehensive treatment can include up to 30 hours of intervention and support in the home, school, or a combination of both environments. This is often the most successful way for the child to make progress and allows time for clinicians to take on a "whole child" approach.


In-school support usually includes an ABA aide, also an interventionist, trained by the clinician. This aide will help the child reduce their problem behaviors, complete their coursework (oftentimes modified from the work of their peers), and socialize appropriately. School meeting support and PBS (Positive Behavior Supports) can also be implemented. School placement can be full time or part time.


Focused intervention usually takes place over a brief period of time. This approach has more specific targets and often requires fewer hours of services. Focused intervention may be run solely between the parents and the clinician, if they so desire.

Comprehensive Program, 1 Setting (school OR home)

  • Up to 40 hours per week for school, 30 hours per week for home

  • Interventionist/aide needed, supervision weekly

  • Consultation provided weekly, further training an option for home programs

  • If a parent chooses to act as interventionist role in the home, program costs will be reduced

Comprehensive Program, 2 Settings (school AND home)

  • Up to 40 hours per week total

  • Interventionist/ aide needed, supervision weekly

  • Consultation provided weekly, further training an option for home programs

  • If a parent chooses to act as interventionist in the home, program costs will be reduced

Focused Program - 1 Setting only (school OR home)

  • Focuses on one single, urgent learning goal

  • If a school program, child must already be enrolled in school

  • If a home program, the parents or family members must act as interventionists

  • Meetings with the clinician occur weekly after the first 2 weeks

We also offer Academic Modification!

  • For children who need an alternative school curriculum, which will allow them to stay in school with their peers

  • Curriculum will highly reflect that of the class curriculum, simply modified to the child's academic level

  • All diagnoses/competency levels accepted

  • Aide training and supervision of academic program included

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