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ABA Senegal provides therapy based on the principles of

Applied Behavior Analysis. Learn more here.


Each child's therapy program is individually tailored to their specific needs, learning goals,  interests, and motivation.


We work very closely with parents to develop learning goals that are relevant to both the child's and family's needs. Parent consultation and training in ABA are also offered.


We use only teaching methods that have been scientifically proven to increase pro-social behaviors, communication and other learned skills, and to address harmful behaviors.


Students' progress is tracked using behavioral data. We will share this data with families regularly and use it to better inform future learning goals and teaching strategies.


Our model follows the principles of Pivotal Response Treatment. Sessions use naturalistic teaching styles and plenty of positive reinforcement.

Learn more here.


Outside of parent training and consult, team meetings between therapists and parents occurs regularly to check in on child progress and plan next steps.

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