Thank you, Develop Africa!

Today we would like to extend a hearty (and very much delayed) THANK YOU to Develop Africa and all the help they've given these last few months. Thanks to their donations, we are now stocked with classroom and art supplies to last a year or more! As many of these supplies are hard to come by in Dakar, they have given us the opportunity to incorporate activities into our therapy sessions that we would not have been able to do otherwise. So, thank you - from us and the kids!

Three months already!

We started our practicum hours in April, and boy, have the last three months flown by! We've now approached the end of the school year and have begun exploring session time in the home as well as out in the community (including pottery lessons!). Pictures below. Below is the Colombin studio, a pottery house in Ouakam (Dakar) that supports the artistic, educational, and occupational development of the local deaf and special needs community. The artists, deaf themselves, live in-house and teach classes both in the studio and out in schools. (Photos of our clients omitted for confidentiality reasons).

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