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Happy Holidays from ABA Senegal

Hello to all,

For those abroad, happy to say that the rest of Senegalese schools (non-French system schools) opened in November - previously delayed due to COVID-19 restraints. November was quite a busy time for us, full of scheduling changes and surprises. We had more children than therapy space at a certain point, which is why...

ABA Senegal has moved! (again)

We are now in a space with TWO therapy rooms and a full office. Pictures to come once the space is set up. Children will receive their therapy almost exclusively as after-school services. Our school support students have faded out of services save for monthly or bi-weekly check-ins, though collaboration with Montessori professionals is still on the horizon for one particular child. We are excited to learn how we can synchronize our two methods to better serve young children with autism. Our model, PRT, and Montessori have much potential to go hand-in-hand.

January may see a therapy model change for many students. Details and other fun surprises are also coming up for January, so stay tuned.

Happy holidays from us to you, and a happy New Year!


The ABA Senegal team

P.S. See also our update on sitting to "School Days Ahead," October 2020 post


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