A BCBA is born!

This week Adair Cardon received her BCBA exam results - and passed! ABA Senegal is now officially headed by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst! Though certification is only a first step of many years of clinical experience, it now allows Adair to end her supervision and expand the scope of what ABA Senegal can do. She is currently reaching out to potential mentors who specialize in a variety of different areas - This way she can accept a diverse array of clients and keep their treatment quality at the highest level possible. Time to celebrate! In Saint-Louis You can find Adair on the BACB registry website here.

Welcome to the 2019/2020 school year

New year, new room: ABA Senegal is starting this school year off with a bang - in a new therapy space located in Mamelles! As school support continues in our past spaces, new environments are being created. We now have several students who are continuing their education with 1-1 shadow support at school. We have even been given the gracious gift a separate therapy space in one of the Dakar area schools. This year we hope to bring about positive change for all our students, and help them discover how fun school can be - new friends and new activities, in new places! Below: Our room in Mamelles - still in the rough, but looking good

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