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Thank you, Develop Africa! (part 2)

Yesterday was like Christmas all over again chez ABA Senegal! Through a very kind volunteer (thank you, Elise!) African-run (but US-based) nonprofit Develop Africa was able to send over a donation of toys, art supplies, and other materials for our students. These included sensory toys, board games, speciality puzzles, and educational necessities.

We thank in particular Sylvester, who is Adair's contact at Develop Africa. Sylvester has been very kind while coordinating the daunting transportation issue between North America and the African continent. We are very excited to see our kid's faces next week as they unbox their new toys!

To make a donation to Develop Africa, click here. You can also donate school supplies through their home page. In 2018, Develop Africa sent a 50lb box of school supplies to ABA Senegal, some of which are still around! We're still going through the pens, markers, and post-its, though alas the crayons have left us.

Below: Adair with Reine, interventionist and latest RBT certificant at ABA Senegal

The "haul"!

Interventionist Elisabeth and student exploring a magnetic sensory alphabet board

-Thanks from your team at ABA Senegal


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