Senegal needs: AVS training in modified curriculums!

Hello to all, For those of you interested in the nitty gritty details of school inclusion, I will detail today one element that is vital to a successful school inclusion program: Modified activities and curricula that continue to reflect the activities and subject matters the rest of the class is working on. Here in Senegal inclusion is not the norm. Most children with augmented needs attend specialized schools where they are isolated from typically-developing peers or profit from home tutors (within the families that have the means - Remember, nothing here is covered by insurance!). The lucky ones attend typical school with a school aide (here called an AVS). The very lucky ones attend top

School Days Ahead (+How can I teach my child to sit?)

This month has been quite the whirlwind here at ABA Senegal. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic that continues, only the French system schools are choosing to open here in Senegal, as their policy conforms to the current policy and timeline in France. Several ABA Senegal students are within the French system here in Dakar, so we have stayed flexible throughout the admittedly rocky start to the new school year. Our ABA services are synchronizing with this system as much as possible. This coming October and November will see the opening of the Senegalese school system, bringing a second wave of transitions. Bob and weave with the tide! We are welcoming two new students this month, bringing ou

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