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One Step Closer to ABA Certifications for Africa

Party time!!

This month ABA Senegal received over $3000 in donations in just FOUR days to support locally-accessible certifications for ABA therapists in Africa, up to supervisor level.

Outside of our services, comprehensive and intensive therapies to help those with autism are non-existent in Senegal. Additionally, nearly all ABA and PRT resources are in English and need to be translated into French before we can use them here. Our current sustainability goal is to facilitate access to both entry-level and supervisor-level therapist certification programs for local professionals. These programs should be online and in the French language as a first step. We are working closely with the International Behavioral Analyst Organization (IBAO) to make this happen, which will provide an online therapist training platform for professionals around the world.

We thank every single one of our donors and sharers who helped make this happen. YOU have become part of our story, and YOU are ensuring a sustainable impact for African professionals and the children they serve.

Thank you!


ABA Senegal is now under fiscal sponsorship with Autism Compassion Africa, a Seattle-based nonprofit. All donations are tax-deductible.


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