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Featured in AfricansinABA: Reine Senghor

Congratulations to our own RBT Reine Senghor, who was featured recently on the Instagram page of AfricansinABA, available here:

Reine received her RBT certification in December 2020 from EDS Learning Institute's French-language program.

"Meet our first international feature, Reine Senghor from Senegal!




“I am a person who really love being with kids and helping them. The children are weak and need us mostly those who have autism. I had never known about autism before and I first started having informations and learning about autism when I was working as an AVS for a young boy who has it and I was supervised by Adair. I stopped and went back last year working again with kids who has autism I was doing therapy sessions.

I really like working into the field and see how the kids are making progress in learning new skills in many important domains for their life and what makes me happier is when a child mastered a goal and I see the progress in the data which sometimes start from a very low percentage and growing up to 100% I see the impact of ABA program and I am thankful for the change I can notice in the life of those amazing and innocent creatures.

I have just finished the RBT program, I got the certificate and I wish to continue do more trainings, learn more so I can be more helpful mostly for my country Senegal cause I know that many persons suffer from autism and need trained people.

I would love to see many persons working in the field. I wish that on day we have a big center in Senegal where all the kids with autism can benefits without exception rich or poor. I would like to see people being sensitised about autism so they can early diagnose their child and give them a chance to start ABA program very earlier for a best result.

Thank you all so much for all what you are and planning to do for the kids. I wish you good luck and I believe that organizations like yours can change people life in a good way!” -Reine Senghor

AfricansinABA also has a facebook page.


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