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Website Revamp

Hello readers,

Our website has been refreshed and revamped! Now featuring:

- A photo gallery

- An extended timeline and growth plan

- Our Amazon Wishlist link (under Donate)

- A detailed Services page, outlining packages and cost

The "Services" page will outline our available services until November 2019, which is when we hope to move into our new clinic.

At the moment we offer in-home therapy and school support, including all therapy programming and supervision. It will be up to families to hire an individual to deliver the therapy to the child (unless there is a volunteer family member), or to deliver support at school as an aide, depending on the child's needs. Most children need 15-30 hours per week of therapy and support. We will train this individual on our therapy model and supervise them weekly once training is complete.

Stay tuned!

-The Dakar ABA Team

Mamelles Beach in Dakar

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- Interested in therapy or school services for your child?

Contact us at or fill out our services application form here.

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