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Global Giving update: July 2019

Below is a field report for our Global Giving fundraising campaign.


Title: Field Update – Summer 2019

Hello to all,

Another school year come and gone! As we wrapped up the end of the academic year and prepare for a new one, ABA Senegal welcomes its own transitions. We have now opened our doors to four new home-therapy students and are working closely with a longstanding, local special-needs center in Ouakam. Times are busy! Onboarding new clients always takes extra effort and care. One longstanding project is finding excellent people to work with our students, as they will be their primary educational contact every single day. We run intensive trainings with them for several weeks before they begin doing sessions on their own. This is why we ask for long-term commitments from staff - Children need stability and predictability in their lives, and committed staff deserve access to continued training and professional growth.

We also hope to save some time for exterior trainings, as autism and therapy awareness will always continue to be essential to the communities here in Dakar.

As for our own education, Adair is currently studying for her BCBA (behavior analyst’s) exam, scheduled soon. Best of luck!

For a full timeline of our project plans, take a look at our page:

-The ABA Senegal Team

Above: Saying goodbye on the last day of school

Above: Bringing a little bit of America to Senegal – Chocolate chip cookies!

Blow: Starting first sessions in Ouakam

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